Nathaniel Davis, Information Architecture Analyst


About Nathaniel Davis

Nathaniel DavisI am an information science researcher and IA practitioner. I study complex information patterns and develop content architecture recommendations that improve digital strategy outcomes. My research adds value to maturing digital teams and organizations that operate at scale.

I advise in the following areas:

  • Information Architecture
  • Content Architecture
  • Digital Experience Operations
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Skill Proficiency Analysis
  • Between my research and practice, I'm also writing a book on information architecture theory.

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    DSIA Research InitiativeResearch Initiative

    My research is focused on advancing a formal discipline of information architecture that's rooted in theory, research, and practice. The DSIA™ Portal of Information Architecture represents a portion of my insights that are available to the public.

    Follow my progress and gain access to my latest insights through the DSIA Portal of Information Architecture.

    What is an Information Architect?

    Information architects model strategic objectives, human behavior, and content as a way to bring structure and sustainability to our human engagement with computing interfaces. Read more about Information Architects

    Glossary Research

    Check out the DSIA information architecture glossary and user experience design glossary.

    Featured Information Architecture Illustrations

    Information Architecture Value Chain
    A Model for Digital Experience Architecture (PDF)
    10 Digital Experience Proverbs (PDF)
    UX Design Practice Verticals (Diagram)
    The Information Architecture Common Set
    DSIA Practice Framework (V1.3)

    More Information Architecture Illustrations


    Recent Publications

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