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Framing the Practice of Information Architecture
Putting an iceberg to good use

September 18, 2011

The Practice of Information Architecture - By Nathaniel DavisArticle Overview In this UX Matters article, Nathaniel Davis, founder and curator of DSIA Portal of Information Architecture, explores an iceberg metaphor to frame what he concludes to be the primary interests that shape the practice of information architecture.

While Davis admits the field of information architecture has many unanswered questions, he assures readers that there is no confusion about what the interests of a practice of information architecture must be.

Davis' "contemporary" version, of the information architecture iceberg—originally conceptualized by Peter Morville and Lou Rosenfeld—exposes readers to a reliable baseline for framing and implementing site and enterprise information architecture.

The article covers a number of related ideas that set the stage for meeting the column's intention: to help user experience designers and other practitioners navigate information architecture as a practice.

Highlights from the article:

  • Reviews six primary interests that frame an effective information architecture practice
  • Suggests ideal questions for probing the interest of an IA project and practice
  • Management, strategy and research are where information architecture runs "deep"
  • Recommends IA practitioners brace for managing complex domains of information over time

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nathaniel davis

Nathaniel Davis
Information Architecture Analyst and Practitioner
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