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From Tsunami to Rising Tide
How to Plan for a Successful Information Architecture Strategy

August 1, 2011

From Tsunami to Rising TideArticle Overview - It's probably safe to say that we've surpassed Richard Saul Wurman's "tsunami of data" and now face a massive flooding of information on an epic scale. Practices of information architecture have managed to survive over the years with effective tactical approaches and quick thinking. But, the flood of information and how we access and use it only appear to be increasing in volume and complexity over time. Practitioners of information architecture must consider proceeding with greater strategic intent.

In this article, written for the ASIS&T Bulletin, Nathaniel Davis, founder and curator of DSIA Research Initiative and DSIA Portal of Information Architecture, summarizes his development and study of a domain maturity model for information architecture strategy.

Similar to previous articles written by Davis, this article introduces new concepts and vocabulary that contribute to a contemporary perspective for the practice
of information architecture. More importantly, this article offers views "that will not only improve how we discuss information architecture; it will enable practitioners of information architecture to talk more strategically to businesses about the life cycle of maturing information domains and the value this thinking brings to successful business and IA planning."

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Published by the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)

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Article Contributors

nathaniel davis

Nathaniel Davis
Information Architecture Analyst and Practitioner
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Ventura Behlers Ventura Behlers
Pixel Pusher | Graphic Mercenary
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DSIA Research Initiative is a private think tank dedicated to advancing a formalized discipline of information architecture based on IA theory, research and practice. DSIA Research Initiative makes a large part of its knowledge available through the DSIA Portal of IA as a way to improve awareness of information architecture. The Initiative is also committed to facilitating a collaborative bridge between the professional field of information architecture and academic institutions as a way to offer students a solid perspective of information architecture and its relationship to user experience design.

About Methodbrain
Methodbrain is a private practice that specializes in information architecture research and strategy. Methodbrain established and currently curates the DSIA Research Initiative as a way to foster a formal dialogue around information architecture.


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