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Upcoming ORS paper to offer IA-based perspective of business organization -- Pre-registration with bonus download now available

Franklin Park, NJ (April 9, 2010) - Methodbrain, LLC announced pre-registration for its theoretical paper Organization Role Segmentation (ORS). ORS peers into the architecture of business organizations to determine the role of Information Architects. Along with pre-registering for the paper—free to subscribers for a limited time—, a one-page illustrated summary of ORS is included with your email confirmation. The paper is scheduled for release in April and is the first made available by Methodbrain under its DSIA Research Initiative.

"ORS is an installment of several strategy and management level concepts designed to provide information architects with a more sophisticated perspective about business organizations and how IAs fit in", says Nathaniel Davis, Methodbrain’s  sole IA practitioner and contributor.

While the paper's conclusions can be abstracted to help organizations view their infrastructure needs differently, Davis admits that ORS was originally intended as a way to distinguish information architecture from other disciplines. “Ironically,” Davis laments, “we can help clients classify their complex domains of information, but we don’t effectively communicate where IA fits in the simple scheme of a software development lifecycle or some other organization.” He is concerned that this quandary is stifling the growth of his field.

"A central problem in recognizing the unique contribution of IA has been the fact that previous debates assume that our issues take place in the development environment, when in fact the genesis of " roles" and "titles" originate within the classic business model of efficient organizations."

The paper takes a formal approach to distinguishing IA from other disciplines and how information architecture plays an important part in the basic framework of a business organization;

  • First, by proposing a classification of attributes that help define unique functions within any business organization
  • Secondly, by identifying primary role patterns that can be observed in a business organization
  • When these two are combined, a new and encouraging depth to information architecture is realized

In doing so, the paper exposes the systematic relationship between functions, roles and titles that offers a sound model for information architects to refer to when strategizing or simply debating how IA fits into a software development cycle or user experience design (UXD) organization.

Further, Davis underscores that there are a number of useful benefits that he never intended for the paper. “Being forced to create a classification scheme of the functional parts of a business gave me a perspective I never had; an IA-based perspective of a business organization.”  And he’s been using it to greatly improve his own practice. Davis will be sharing his insights with his constituents at this year's IA Summit, in Arizona.

Overall, Davis feels the theoretical business perspective afforded by ORS will eventually help give information architects a level of business sense that their employers and clients will find invaluable for years to come.

Pre-registration for the paper and bonus illustrated summary are available at Methodbrain.com. For more about the 2010 IA Summit, visit http://2010.iasummit.org/talks/9766.

About DSIA Research Initiative

DSIA Research Initiative is a private think tank dedicated to advancing a formalized discipline of information architecture based on IA theory, research and practice. DSIA Research Initiative makes a large part of its knowledge available through the DSIA Portal of IA as a way to improve awareness of information architecture. The Initiative is also committed to facilitating a collaborative bridge between the professional field of information architecture and academic institutions as a way to offer students a solid perspective of information architecture and its relationship to user experience design.

About Methodbrain
Methodbrain is a private practice that specializes in information architecture research and strategy. Methodbrain established and currently curates the DSIA Research Initiative as a way to foster a formal dialogue around information architecture.


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