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In Pursuit of Clarity: The Function of Information Architecture

Franklin Park, NJ (December 15, 2010) - As part of a continued effort to improve how information architecture is explained to technical and non-technical audiences, the latest DSIA™ Portal refinement elaborates on the objectives of information architecture. The updated page titled "The Function of Information Architecture" briefly explains key concepts of the DSIA definition:

"The function of information architecture within an organization is to simplify how people navigate and use information that connects to the Web."

Nathaniel Davis, founder of the DSIA Research Initiative, advises "if you're a practitioner looking to educate clients or other colleagues in your organization about the scope of information architecture, this page makes for a valuable reference that offers meaningful talking points for introductory and advanced discussion."

Read the Function of Information Architecture

About DSIA Research Initiative

DSIA Research Initiative is a private think tank dedicated to advancing a formalized discipline of information architecture based on IA theory, research and practice. DSIA Research Initiative makes a large part of its knowledge available through the DSIA Portal of IA as a way to improve awareness of information architecture. The Initiative is also committed to facilitating a collaborative bridge between the professional field of information architecture and academic institutions as a way to offer students a solid perspective of information architecture and its relationship to user experience design.

About Methodbrain
Methodbrain is a private practice that specializes in information architecture research and strategy. Methodbrain established and currently curates the DSIA Research Initiative as a way to foster a formal dialogue around information architecture.


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