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November 14, 2011

UX Design Practice Verticals

This chart highlights the major practice verticals that contribute to the scope of user experience design. Information architects and UX designers will find this chart valuable on many levels.

Poster: Baseline Proficiencies for IA Practitioners
This poster charts the basic skills for freshman, junior and senior tactical IA practitioners against a common set of UX design practice verticals.

DSIA Glossary for Information Architecture
Two new definitions have been released to the DSIA public glossary of IA terms.

- First Order
- Segmentation

In Other News

Breaking New Ground!
The T-Model and Strategies for Hiring IA Practitioners - Part 2
By Nathaniel Davis

In the second part to his well received series, Nathaniel Davis provides actionable guidance for practitioners and hiring managers about the skills that can be expected at key periods during a tactical IA professional's career. It is now possible to articulate what the basic proficiencies of a freshman, junior or senior information architect should be.

In addition, Nathaniel Davis breaks new ground by providing new support for Peter Boersma's T-Model assertion of discipline overlap by proposing exactly where the practice of UX design elegantly intersects across disciplines.

The assumptions presented in this article are sure to have major implications for the future practice of information architecture and UX design. Whatever your responsibility, this article has something for you.

About DSIA Research Initiative

DSIA Research Initiative is a private think tank dedicated to advancing a formalized discipline of information architecture based on IA theory, research and practice. DSIA Research Initiative makes a large part of its knowledge available through the DSIA Portal of IA as a way to improve awareness of information architecture. The Initiative is also committed to facilitating a collaborative bridge between the professional field of information architecture and academic institutions as a way to offer students a solid perspective of information architecture and its relationship to user experience design.

About Methodbrain
Methodbrain is a private practice that specializes in information architecture research and strategy. Methodbrain established and currently curates the DSIA Research Initiative as a way to foster a formal dialogue around information architecture.


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