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Boolean Information Architecture Maturity Assessment


Contributed by Nathaniel Davis
March 2, 2012

IA Maturity Assessment
In 2001, a panel of thought leaders at CHI 2001 debated the merits of measuring information architecture. A decade has past and little progress has been made in the matter. There are currently no active discussions regarding the measurement of information architecture.

To fill this gap, the DSIA Research Initiative has developed a method called the Boolean Information Architecture (IA) Maturity Assessment. This assessment can be used to help quantify the overall state of readiness of an information architecture by observing and scoring the use of manual versus automated and responsive IA methods, and by scoring the use of approaches that constrain or enable flexibility within a domain of information.

The DSIA Research Initiative used its official framing of the primary interests of IA practice and the DSIA UX Design Practice Verticals—both contributed by Nathaniel Davis—to identify the items to be measured. The method produces a maturity index and makes way for a new IA artifact that's practical and offers actionable insights.

Future Development
Additional research and development of this method are planned. However, recent progress is promising enough that it's being shared with the information architecture and user experience design communities.

Read the introductory article, “How to Assess the Maturity of Your Information Architecture,” written by Nathaniel Davis, founder and curator of DSIA Research Initiative.

Download DSIA's Boolean IA Maturity Assessment chart

IA Maturity Assessment



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