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The Basics of Information Architecture

Basic ideas around information architecture can mean different things to many people. This section discusses several topics as they are officially viewed by the DSIA Research Initiative. Since practice and research of information architecture are ongoing, the content in this section is expected to evolve and expand over time.

What is an Information Architect?

Information Architecture as a Practice

A Brief History of Information Architecture

Why Information Architecture Matters

The Biz Function of Information Architecture

What Does an Information Architect Do?

What is Information Architecture?

What is Information ArchitectureTo fully answer this question, this section will present a series of short summaries that present official DSIA Initiative concepts of information architecture that are all equally relevant and actionable.

Information Architecture as a Practice
This summary briefly explains information architecture as a practice by breaking down its core areas of intersts.

Information Architecture as a Work Product
This article was posted on UXmatters.com and demonstrates how to deliver effective IA work product in six steps

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