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Information Architecture as a Practice
The practice of information architecture is the effort of organizing and relating information in a way that simplifies how people navigate and use content on the Web. - DSIA Research Initiative

Contributed by Nathaniel Davis
July 15, 2011

Last Update: 1/31/2012

When information is stored for future access, it must be intelligibly organized, identified and related in ways that allow it to be retrieved and used by a person or machine. This is no easy task, especially when the amount of information and users within a particular domain increase over time.

With the increase of active users and variety in the modes of information interaction, the practice of information architecture is challenged with facilitating intelligently organized and related information. Solutions must consider the use of single or multiple devices, language and cognitive variability among users, and human behavior under various circumstances.

As a consequence, the practice of information architecture, as defined by DSIA Research Initiative, addresses the following areas of information behavior and use within the domain of information technology:

The Basics of IANext: A Brief History of Information Architecture

The Basics of IA

Information Architecture as a Practice
A Brief History of Information Architecture
Why Information Architecture Matters
The Biz Function of Information Architecture
What Does an Information Architect Do?
Functional Range of an Information Architect

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